Coaching Skills 101

Are you interested in becoming a coach or mentor in your church, organisation or workplace? This training session will set you up with the basics you need to begin.

Coaching skills can be useful in all areas of life – from sales, business negotiations, and conflict resolution, through to evangelism and discipleship.

You will learn:

  1. How to develop a Life Long Learning Mindset – the Johari Window
  2. Why Coaching? Benefits to you, and to those you serve- specific context examples.
  3. The importance and limits of confidentiality
  4. Effective Listening skills
  5. How to use Reflective & Open Questions
  6. Models of coaching – e.g. GROW
  7. Useful tools to take away, e.g. SMART goals, Focus Wheel, SWOT analysis, Reframing

There will be live coaching demonstrations from professional coaches, and an opportunity to practice your new skills.

A total of 4 hours of training on zoom, with 1 hour break in the middle.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does NOT qualify you to be a certified, professional coach. After this introductory session, if you would like to go deeper and become a professional coach, feel free to speak to the Kathryn or one of the facilitators for recommended colleges.

Event details


13 Oct 2023 10:30am to 3.30pm (Sydney time)


10:30am to 3.30pm (Sydney time)