360 Degree Feedback

We were all made with unique gifts and talents.

A personalised 360 degree survey will highlight yours and show you where to focus your development goals and job-search.

Kingdom Leaders has partnered with Elixan Consulting Pty Ltd to offer you a uniquely Christian, professional development feedback tool which can be customised for your specific job role. This survey gathers feedback from those both working for, and with you at all levels – including your team members, managers, volunteers or any other stakeholders involved with you.

The Christian Leadership Framework, which forms the basis of the survey, has been developed through a synthesis of best current leadership thinking with biblical principles. It’s strength lies in the customisation of the capabilities to ensure it can be tailored to any role at any level within any Christian organisation or context. Each capability is described in detail including observable skills, abilities, knowledge and personal attributes.

The process:

  • Clarification of the role competencies through discussion with a Kingdom Leaders coach
  • Leader chooses up to 10 individuals to provide the feedback.
  • Elixan Consulting Pty Ltd then sends these individuals the survey, analyses the results and compiles a comprehensive report.
  • The leader receives a 1 hour coaching session with Kingdom Leaders to debrief the results, highlight key insights and translate these into actionable next steps for professional development.

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    "Made me reflect on the person that I am.. and what different traits I have and why I am like that"

    Susan Mitchell

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