This FREE 3-minute
Life Balance Assessment will:

  • Enable you to develop self-awareness across all areas of your life
  • Uncover which areas of your life are imbalanced 
  • Help you to start to strategise and plan towards greater balance and wellbeing

What Our Clients Say

It felt so satisfying to do this assessment. It gave me clarity of what needs improving in my life.

Rachel A.

What a great tool! It showed me how well I am functioning holistically. I found it helpful to face the questions, and my answers, honestly.

Jude M.

The session had real meaning for me. It motivated me to get on with my priorities and helped remind me of things that I have done in the past that worked well.

Carlos S.

About the Author

Kathryn Martens is a professional Coach, Mentor and Facilitator whose style is both empathetic and action oriented. She has herself overcome many of life’s hurdles such as grief, job-losses, sickness, infertility, and now raising children with additional needs – enabling her to coach with both compassion and inspiration.She has personally experienced the challenges of leadership that she now coach others in – ministry leadership, organisational senior leadership, and small businesses management.Her qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Bible & Missions, Masters of Adult Education, Diplomas of Management & Coaching & Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral). When not coaching, she can be found bushwalking, body-surfing or sipping coffee while looking out at the river and chatting to God.

Take this FREE 3-Minute
Life Balance Assessment

This assessment will enable you to:
  • Grow in awareness of what areas of your life are in and out of balance
  • Help you set goals for future success
  • Consider what kind of support would benefit you the most

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