Professional Reflective Supervision

What is Reflective Supervision?

In Reflective Supervision, we create a space for you to reflection your practice – whether that’s ministry, organisational leadership, teaching, coaching, or another profession. Whenever you have others under your care, you too need someone to support you so you can flourish and persevere.

Your supervisor will ask you questions to help you reflect on your practice. They will walk alongside you, as you work through whatever challenges you are facing, thereby reducing your sense of isolation.

Ideally, your Professional Reflective Supervisor is someone external to your organisation or denomination so you can feel safe to share whatever you need to. You can bring ministry, work, spiritual or personal issues as you need. 

Supervision is NOT counselling, but your supervisor will be a helpful resources to determine if/when another professional referral may be needed, such as a counsellor.

Since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, Professional Reflective Supervision is now recommended for anyone in a leadership position within religious organisations. It is relevant for all levels of ministry, not just the lead Pastor. Whether you are leading a kids church, the music team or an elder, anyone who is responsible for others would benefit from a relationship with a Professional Reflective Supervisor.

Please note: Kingdom Leaders Supervisors are registered with a professional body, e.g. Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS), Chaplaincy Australia (CA) or similar. 

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