Liberated Leaders

1:1 Coaching Program

Have the expectations of others started to cramp your God-given leadership style? Are you ready to re-embrace your gifting and calling? Do you want to step out with confidence knowing the Lord is with you, guiding you and directing your steps?

Liberated Leaders is the one-to-one coaching program that will enable you to develop a growth mindset, seek the Lord for direction, and help you uncover your individual pathway for what the Lord has in mind for you. His idea of “success” may be different from what others around you are saying, or your culture suggests. Let’s create a space where you tune into His plan for you, and make His wisdom your guide.

Your coach will help you identify your goals, keep you accountable, and support you along the way

Common topics include:

  • Hearing from God in decision making
  • What servant leadership looks like in practice
  • Living a balanced life so as not to burn out
  • Finding time for family and recreation, not just ministry
  • Resisting temptation
  • Dealing with so many different people’s expectations
  • Measuring “success” in God’s terms
  • Where does my support come from

Please note: All Kingdom Leaders coaches are accredited by a professional body, e.g. International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Intentional Living for Leaders

Group Coaching Series

Join a confidential, “safe” space for leadership coaching. YOU bring the issues you need to discuss, such as:

  • How to hear from God for decisions, and direction
  • Adding value to others through servant leadership
  • Healthy boundaries to protect from temptation
  • Looking to God for affirmation, not others
  • What does “success” look like for a Christian leader?
  • Sources of support

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    "My notebook is filled with advise and strategies from the sessions"

    Murray Lee

    Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

    Let’s book a time to find out how you can have joy and fulfillment in serving God!

    On this FREE 30-minute Discovery Call, we will:

    • Listen to your current concerns about life and work/ministry
    • Re-cast a vision for how your life and work/ministry could be
    • Ask God’s heart for you and your future
    • Consider where your support will come from as you move forward