Kathryn Martens

Professional Coach & Supervisor

Kathryn’s background

  • Over 20 years in mangagment and leadership accross corporate, education and not-for-profit environments
  • Varied ministry leadership roles in church and para-church organisations
  • Experienced executive, business and life coach & professional/pastoral supervisor
  • See also http://releaseleadership.au


My goal is to inspire others to embrace change as an opportunity to be “released” into their true potential and passions.

I love relating to people from diverse backgrounds, having lived in various parts of globe, and worked within corporate, small business, not-for-profit, education and government sectors. My professional expertise is in both Learning and Organisational Development, and Business Management – having held Senior Executive roles in both. I am also passionate about small business – this being my fourth start-up business.

My ministry experience is also varied – from leading and training others in children’s ministry, to preaching and healing ministries. My coaching and supervision is grounded by an understanding that life and ministry can be complex, and never stands still. I have applied my faith in overcoming all sorts of my own life hurdles such as grief, infertility, parenting neurodiverse children, mental illness, & redundancies – just to name a few.

My coaching and supervision is full of compassion, mixed with inspiration and a strong call to action. I hold a Masters in Adult Education, Diplomas in Biblical studies, Management and Coaching & Grad Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral).

What Kathryn’s clients are saying

Kathryn is very professional and has qualities of an excellent coach such as being an active listener and quick to build trust with. Kathryn has already given constructive feedback and I can see she will provide support on this development journey with me. Her guidance to finding my business goals is spot on and I can’t wait to continue these coaching sessions with ‘Release Coaching’. I can’t recommend her enough!

Rachel Aitken

Graphic Artist, Creative Cat Designs

Kathryn Martens is a highly skilled Business and Life Coach and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn recently and she demonstrated many professional and personal qualities, including great listening skills, empathy and thoughtfulness. Kathryn has an engaging manner and is able to draw on her depth of experience and knowledge of business to assist clients to identify solutions and achieve professional and personal success.

Dr. Melissa Thompson

Director, Graduate Research School, University of Wollongong

Talking to Kathryn has really helped me clarify my goals and get me to where I’m going. She’s great at points of transition – helping me through those. My sessions with her have always been illuminating and useful. She’s really great at empathy, giving me a bit of accountability, and challenging me to get me to where I want to go. Thanks Kathryn!

Claire Doble

Communications Coordinator, Kiama Council

Transcript of Kathryn Intro video

Hi everyone! My name’s Kathryn Martens. I’m the founder of Kingdom Leaders and also one of the coaches and supervisors. I want to introduce you today to the vision and the passion behind Kingdom Leaders – why I started it… and also a little bit of what you would get out of becoming one of the community members of Kingdom Leaders.

Firstly, the passion and the vision was very much one that was borne from prayer. I’ve experienced a lot of the joys and the lows of leadership myself – both in corporate and not-for-profit and ministry environments. I’ve been in management and leadership, usually in the world of training and adult education, which is my profession, and coaching being part of that… But in that time, I’ve experienced redundancies, burn-out, mental-health issues, the struggle of family life and leadership. Both our kids actually have additional needs – neurodiversity – autism, ADHD – so I know what it means to have to try and go to the therapy session and then run back for a work commitment, and looking at my to-do list and thinking ‘how on earth am I going to do all those things today?’.

So, really, my heart is to support you guys in leadership, because I believe that the role of a leader is so strategic. You have a unique position to be able to change the culture of where you are. Being a leader means you can bring unique and specific change in your context in a way that nobody else can… Not just for those who report to you, but as you then interact with those around you who are fellow leaders, and of course to those above you as well. That’s why we also offer the 360 degree feedback tool – for you to grow in your awareness of the influence that you’re having. My heart is for you to be all that you can be in that context.. so that you can be making the best impact in the world that you’re in.

And how do we do that in Kingdom Leaders? Well, as I really sought the Lord for what is Kingdom Leaders going to be.. I felt He’s given me a very specific assignment for you. And there’s three parts to it…

The first is to help you find your identity in the Lord Jesus Christ. So much of the time as leaders, whether we’re aware of it or not, we often make our identity about our roles. We think that it’s being the ‘leader of the kids church’ or ‘the home group leader’ or the ‘Pastor’ or the ‘Manager of IT’ or ‘Manager of HR’ or whatever our role is, we think that’s who we are. But I can tell you that is not your identity. Your identity is as a daughter or a son of the Lord Jesus Christ. And THAT identity, as we explore more, and let it sink in more, that gives us the strength to be in whatever role we’re given.

The second thing is to help you to seek the Lord’s identity for success for your personally. So, what is ‘success’ in the Lord’s eyes for you is very different to me.. and different to someone else. My husband and I were both training to be Pastors and at some point we really didn’t sense that was our calling.. and we were called to something else. I was called to this. To Kingdom Leaders. And part of understanding our calling .. and part of understanding what the Lord’s assignment is for us personally on this earth, is what will then also identify our success. And I would love to support you in that process.

The third part is actually learning to hear from the Lord in our every day decision making. It is sometimes so hard to know how to do everything on the list… and especially if you are in one of those ministry roles where you’ve got people calling you left right and centre, at all sorts of times of the day and the week. SO how can we know what to do today? Or when you have those big decision to make – do you go left? Do you go right? Well, you want to do those with the Lord. We want to incline our hearts so we are walking, truly, in the path that He wants us to be.

So there you go… That’s a bit of an introduction to all things Kingdom Leaders.. I do hope you’ll come on board and join the community… or get some support for you in your unique context. We have a team with all different backgrounds.  We have people with Chaplaincy background.. Cross-cultural missions background.. Mine’s more from the business, and management leadership background.. So we can find just the right person to match you.. either in something different to stretch you.. or within the context that you’re currently in, if that’s what you need.

So I hope that you do click on that button for a FREE discovery call. I will be at the end of that call, and I look forward to meeting you soon. All the best. God bless.

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