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Professional Reflective Supervision

Don’t go it alone!

Do you feel there are just too many balls in the air and you wish you had more support?

Professional Reflective Supervision is having someone support you in your work or ministry so you can flourish and persevere. Having someone help you work through your challenges and reflect on your practice, will reduce your sense of isolation, and enable you to find more balanced ways of working.

A professionally trained Professional Reflective Supervisor is confidential, mature and experienced. 

Since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, Professional Supervision is now recommended for anyone in a leadership position within religious organisations. 

Sessions are usually once/month via zoom.


Coaching gets to the heart of the matter.

Your coach will create a safe space for you to tune into His plan for you, and make His wisdom your guide. Learn how to be a leader without being the one who has to ‘do it all’ and ‘be all things to all men (and women)’. Bring whatever doubts, questions and issues you may be facing. 

Common topics a leader may bring to a session include:

  • Hearing from God in decision making
  • Measuring “success” on God’s terms
  • What servant leadership looks like in practice
  • Boundaries for a balanced life 
  • Finding time for family and recreation, not just ministry
  • Resisting temptation
  • Dealing with so many different expectations
  • Where your support comes from


Learn and grow through regular meetings with someone experienced in your specific context. 

Do you need someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ to support you along the way? Mentoring is a wonderful way to glean from the wisdom and experience of someone with years of experience in a similar role or ministry.

Meet monthly for a whole year with a mentor who knows the stresses and joys of your unique situation so that their character and maturity can rub off on you over time.

360 Degree Feedback

Fast track to self-awareness and greater insight into your strengths and areas for development!

You will receive a personalised leadership competency report & a 1 hour 1-to-1coaching debrief.

A uniquely Christian, professional development feedback tool which can be customised for your specific role. 

The survey gathers feedback from those both working for, and with you at all levels. It can be used for roles at any level within a Christian context. 

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    "The program taught me a lot about how I think about myself and how to dig deeper in order to try fixing those problems. I also learnt other self care things I never used to think about. I loved it all, and wish there was more"

    Sylvia Olsen

    Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

    Let’s book a time to find out how you can have joy and fulfillment in serving God!

    On this FREE 30-minute Discovery Call, we will:

    • Listen to your current concerns about life and work/ministry
    • Re-cast a vision for how your life and work/ministry could be
    • Ask God’s heart for you and your future
    • Consider where your support will come from as you move forward