Words from the wise

Wisdom is a wonderful blessing. Not only is wisdom mentioned 219 times in the Bible, the Bible is filled with wise and simple messages of truth (wisdom) as it is after all, a guide to life. Solomon’s wisdom in the book of Proverbs describes how to worship and obey God and shows what someone who loves God looks like. The meaning of Proverbs in Hebrew means ‘to be like’. We all model ourselves and aspire to ‘be like’ someone we look up to whether it is a mentor, a supportive family member, or the ultimate role model, Jesus himself. 

Our Father in Heaven blesses us with the wisdom of men and women who have walked out their lives before us. People that have faced the challenges you may be facing and have shared their knowledge and experience so that you and I may benefit from it. The wisdom of our Elders, mentors, and people we look up to is a resource to be treasured. If you have the benefit of a mentor or Pastoral supervisor as a sounding board and to offer advice, you can navigate difficult situations and challenges knowing you are able draw from their life experience and wealth of wisdom. 

If not, there are other resources available that lack a personal connection, like the internet. The internet offers an ocean of information and advice on every topic imaginable. However, with so much information at your fingertips, it is easy to be overwhelmed by a tidal wave of helpful, yet sometimes misguided and conflicting information. Finding the pearls of wisdom in a sea of advice can be like searching for one particular grain of sand on the vast ocean floor. Instead of sifting through the sand, I thought I’d share with you some of the wonderful pearls from the Facebook post…

  1. Seek the Lord early every day, Love Jesus more than anything.
  2. Spend less time trying and more time with God.
  3. Love your people.
  4. Go slowly and move with your people instead of running ahead of them.
  5. Don’t forget the quiet people.
  6. Fulfil your calling, and don’t allow outside opinions to starve you of the highest calling anyone could have – the calling to serve Jesus with everything within you.
  7. Don’t chase celebrity. Humbly preach Jesus.
  8. Work to live, don’t live to work.
  9. Trust the size of the God you serve, not the size of your church.
  10. Always speak the truth in love.
  11. Read more of the Word.
  12. Not every battle is yours to fight.
  13. Find an excellent mentor or pastoral supervisor and meet with them regularly.
  14. Those who pray and intercede for you, are so important. Pray and ask the Lord who He is calling to take on that role for you.
  15. We are not perfect; you will fail but always get up and keep walking the path Jesus has chosen for you.
  16. Continue to love, seek wise counsel, and remember to have time for your personal life.
  17. Learn early to say no and have healthy boundaries.
  18. Follow the Way not the ways of man.
  19. Love your spouse and family and give them your time regularly.
  20. Listen to God, Love people. Always live to please God and he will give you favour with men.
  21. Get involved with an interest that is unrelated to church and church people.
  22. Be thankful for the praying people around you and ask them to pray for you always! And… Colossians 4:2-6 (NIV)

Wisdom is knowing when to seek help

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